Bomsy Patch Notes v1.0.5


  • BugFix: Host sometimes doesn't wait for clients to finish loading.
  • Added UI indicating when the host is waiting for clients to load.


  • When a host shuts down a lobby it is now immediately removed from the lobby browser.
  • Comeback system is now enabled by default.
  • Added a few default controls to loading screen.
  • Added default control cheat sheet to pause menu.
  • Decreased default master volume setting to 50%.
  • Saved email address in login menu is now hidden.
  • BugFix: In Dodgebomb and Drop gamemodes, host will never stop waiting for clients to load.

If you encounter any new bugs, you can help us out by emailing us at

To view a list of known issues/bugs, you can visit our public Trello board:

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